Evolving to Create Better Solutions

InterDirect is now iDfour.

As the needs of our clients have changed over the years, so have our solutions. From our direct mail and database management roots, we have evolved to a four-pillared, marketing solutions suite of services. Our new name, iDfour, better reflects our innovative offerings.

To our clients, iDfour is the same company that has helped manage and analyze your data for the past 20 plus years.

To our employees, iDfour has the same ownership and management that values your loyal years of hard work and innovation.

To our partners—the agencies and vendors we've collaborated with, brainstormed with, and, on occasion, stayed up all night with—iDfour is the same smart, strong, and reliable resource you've counted on since the golden days of the Post Office!

Finally, to the overworked and frustrated marketing executive who hasn’t been introduced to our services yet, iDfour is your new best friend. We are a team of dedicated people with tremendous resources and the decades of experience needed to take your ever-growing piles of data and turn them into your greatest asset. iDfour is your go-to source to:

  • CLARIFY your data sources by standardizing, updating, "wrangling" your databases of disjointed, duplicated information into one clean and meaningful source of information.
  • DISCOVER new insights into your business. We deliver marketing intelligence at your fingertips in a simple interface with the power of knowledge about your customers and what makes them tick.
  • ACTIVATE messages to your customers in true one-to-one communications. Say what they want to hear at the time that they will be most receptive.
  • ENGAGE with us as long-term partners. We value relationships and we approach every project in the context of your company’s overall mission

iDfour isn't a new company, it's evolved with the times, just like you have. Constantly growing and ever innovating for the joy of seeing our clients succeed.