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Case Study: Pharmaceutical Data Management

A leading international pharmaceutical company promised insurers a program that would reduce healthcare costs by educating their insureds about specific health and disease management issues. They asked iDfour to architect a data management system to support the information needed for the program.

The Challenge:

A variety of repositories stored the data needed to support the program (proprietary, personally identifiable health-related information from approximately 55 million households) without a common link to ensure accurate, consistent consolidation. Limited internal resources also weakened the program by not making progress for months against a looming deadline.

The Solution:

iDfour created a data warehouse to manage and deliver the necessary information, along with a process to consolidate the disparate data into a single source. iDfour cleaned, updated and properly incorporated each record with phone numbers, demographics and other available information critical to targeted communication. Initially, iDfour housed the data and provided dedicated access for the client, and then provided routine data maintenance and updates for their internal online warehouse.

The Results:

iDfour delivered the project on time and under budget, allowing for a highly successful program launch and rapid growth as new insurers joined. During the project's course, iDfour also discovered elements within the data that directly contradicted the client's previous assumptions about their data management and internal process, resulting in significant changes to the way they managed data and future projects.