Sometimes It Takes More Trial to Get Less Error

How do you optimize your marketing plan when you’re busy just executing it?
What steps can you take to find the right formula for success?

A Lab for the Modern Marketer

With data and analytics, you’re equipped to test campaign components with scientific precision.


Learn quickly what factors impact customer behavior and where to fix hidden disconnects. Calibrate your customer marketing programs and watch response rates soar.

A Scientific Solution to Better Marketing

Testing is critical to optimizing a marketing plan, but most companies simply don’t have the resources to dedicate to it.
iDfour can help. We’re uniquely skilled at analyzing and improving customer marketing programs using advanced testing techniques.

Our Process

Our data-driven marketing experts are nimble, fast, and unbiased. Our goal is to help you achieve shorter implementation cycles and greater ROI.

Your Best Marketing is Just Ahead

Start discovering innovative ways to transform your brand’s relationship with its customers. With iDfour at your side, you can explore new frontiers and make the discoveries that will revolutionize your customer relationships.

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